Course Description:
This course includes a brief review of intermediate algebra, equations and inequalities, functions and their graphs, exponential and logarithmic functions, linear and non-linear systems, selected topics from among conic sections, introduction to sequences and series, permutation and combinations, the binomial theorem, and the theory of equations. This is state wide guaranteed transfer course.

For this course you need text book prescribed by the college, a graphing calculator and students' solution manual to your text book (optional material).

          Successful completion of MAT 099 (with grade C or higher) or equivalent assessment score (EA 85+ and ACT Math 23+, SAT Math 153+)

Students’ Resources
A. Course Outline (FALL 2014)

B. Chapter Contents
Homework (FALL 2017)
                Homework# 1
                Homework# 2
                Homework# 3
                Homework# 4
                Homework# 5
QUIZ (FALL 2017)
                Quiz #1
                Quiz #2
                Quiz #3
                Quiz #4
                Quiz #5
Unit Exams ( FALL 2017)
                UnitExam I
                UnitExam II
                UnitExam III
                UnitExam IV/Final Exam